“She always has my Back“ (bag)

“By Momo” stands for femininity, elegance, quality and durability. The brand closely follows the latest fashion and distinguishes itself through its colors and shapes. The bags are made of genuine Italian quality leather. The love and attention during the production process is reflected in an amazing end product with which the wearer makes a clear statement. “By Momo” bags are handmade in limited edition what makes them unique. We love the trendy and luxury Momo Look!

Whether you reside on the side to stay reserved as a minimalist in fashion or you believe firmly in the mantra “More is more“. Staying fashionable is a dare to wear game. Get noticed, get a Momo bag!

The Italian family bond is very deep, warm and traditional. Good food and beautiful clothes are important for them. The men and women dress up everyday like it’s a special occasion. Stylish sophisticated and elegant, like they just came straight from the catwalk. A good pair of sunglasses , beautiful shoes and a stylish bag are a must! Only high quality Italian goods would do it. This is what By Momo stands for.